We understand what you need from your End Point Assessment organisation. We are a provider of high quality End Point Assessments, ensuring that we combine timely and effective volume delivery while at the same time maintaining outstanding quality service for you and your apprentices.

We have excellent sector-specific knowledge for all of the EPAs we offer and our EPA Assessors have an in-depth knowledge and understanding of the requirements of each standard as well as relevant, current knowledge, expertise and practical experience. The integrity of our assessment judgements is underpinned by our robust internal Quality Assurance processes.

Working with Steadfast EPA as your End Point Assessment Organisation

Working with us from day one, you and the apprentice will have access to:

  • Clear, in-depth information covering the requirements and timings for the EPA
  • A dedicated EPA Co-ordinator to support you through the process
  • End Point Assessments delivered according to your needs (face to face / remote)
  • A full review of any circumstances which might be considered to represent a conflict of interest to ensure the integrity of the assessment of the apprentice;
  • Full access to our online platform which will facilitate registration of candidates from day one of their enrolment to ensure that all parties are able to plan and schedule activity in advance and provide you with a more flexible choice in terms of planning potential EPA dates and uploading of evidence;
  • A full range of engagement, support and delivery resources for the EPA;
  • All information and resources are available through our online platform but are also available in accessible formats where these are required

Our Online Platform

Our Online Platform has been designed to be easy to use and intuitive, providing you and your apprentice with a ‘one stop’ facility through which you are able to register apprentices, engage with our EPA team, access materials and resources, upload information and monitor the progress of your apprentice through their EPA Gateway and assessment.

A dedicated EPA Co-ordinator

Once your apprentice (s) is/are registered with us, you will have a dedicated EPA Co-ordinator who will be available to provide further information or deal with any queries you may have, and liaise with yourselves about planning and preparing for the EPA.